İş Leasing continued its asset quality and profitability oriented strategy, and its total assets reached 5.5 billion TL by an increase of 21.8% over the past year.

Dear Stakeholders,

In 2015, global economic growth has maintained its moderate growth, but could not reach a strong and steady appearance. Continuing deceleration in Chinese economy, and low level of commodity prices, play an important role in the global economic agenda. Portfolio flows to the developing countries, also including our country, have shown a weak trend, while exchange rate volatility remained high in this period. In U.S.A., in spite of recovery in economic activity, as the inflation is below the target, and in the light of developments in global economy, the expectation that a significant interest rate increase will not be materialized in 2016 is gradually gaining momentum. In addition to the growth rate being lower than past years, the developing countries will be required to overcome the problems of liquidity shortage and high volatility caused by the distorted risk perception.

Much-debated and discussed issues of agenda of the Turkish economy in 2015 were devaluation of TL, low growth rate, increasing inflation, and probable impacts and reflections of FED’s interest increase on the Turkish economy. The electoral process spread over a long period has also been effective on the deceleration in economic activity in 2015, and particularly under the effects of aforementioned global conditions, Turkish Lira has been

exposed to a substantial devaluation, and our country has remained below its growth potential. The year 2015 is forecasted to be closed with a growth rate of 3%, and a strong performance is not expected in 2016. The fact that the government has revised its Medium-Term Plan targets, and reduced its 2016 growth forecast from 5% to 4%, and its 2017 growth forecast from 5% to 4.5%, indicates that the effects of global stagnation on our country will continue in medium-term.

Under these conditions of deceleration in growth and increase in credit risks, our Company, thanks to remarkable efforts of all our employees, has recorded a selective growth, and maintained its asset quality and profitability oriented strategy, with its total assets reaching 5.5 billion TL with a rise of 21.8% over the past year, and its net leasing receivables reaching 3.3 billion TL with a rise of 15.7%. Focused on high added value projects and standing firm on service quality, our Company has shown a superior performance also in portfolio and risk management. Our Company has successfully closed the year 2015 taking sides with all investors adding value to our national economy, and we believe it will continue its steady growth also in 2016.

We are hereby presenting to your kind consideration and approval our 2015 activity report, financial statements and net profit distribution proposal prepared in strict compliance with the Capital Markets Law and other pertinent laws and regulations.

I, both in my own name and in the name of our Board of Directors, express my gratitude to all our business partners and customers giving support to our Company since its foundation, and to our employees playing an important role in our privileged services offered and in our outstanding success achieved.