In addition to developing innovative products and privileged services and applications, İş Leasing further expanded its customer base.
With its contributions to national economy through its extensive service network and funded investments, İş Leasing has completed the year 2015 with a successful performance through its risk and portfolio management policies being components of its customer satisfaction and loyalty-based service approach and its sustainable growth strategy.

With its competitive power based on its vision of development of innovative products and privileged services and applications fit to the developing trends, İş Leasing maintained its efficiency in marketplace through its high performance level.

Offering its service range to its customers through its 16 branches all over Turkey, and thanks to its customer relations management providing smart business processes and quick and effective solutions, İş Leasing has once more been effective on its customer base with an increase of 28% in number of customers and 24% in number of deals.

By creating fund sources in prioritized fields of business determined by itself, İş Leasing supported investments of every size and scale of investors from every sector. As a result of its cooperation with suppliers, the Company increased its weight in building and construction machinery and production machines and equipments fields. İş Leasing continued its growth in energy investments area, and food, textile, healthcare, machinery & chemistry, manufacturing, tourism and construction sectors have come into prominence for İş Leasing in 2015.

İş Leasing maintained its strong positioning in its sector thanks to its flexible infrastructure quickly keeping pace with developments and trends, and particularly its privileged solutions offered to SMEs, being the cornerstones of economy, and its success of growth together with them.