A reliable business partner offering widespread and solution-oriented services.

In 2013, continuing its sensitivity towards the developments in international and domestic markets, İş Leasing has further reinforced its market position through its solution-oriented approach aiming the needs of customers and its widespread portfolio creation strategy.

Developing and spreading the business models created by considering the customer needs and demands in its target sectors, thereby increasing the added value provided to its customers, İş Leasing has renewed and expanded its regional organization throughout Turkey. Trabzon, Konya and Çukurova service units, being satellites affiliated to main regions, were separated from their regions and converted into independent branches. Two new branches are opened in Şişli and Gebze, and the headcount is increased for better services.

İş Leasing continued its supports in all sub-segments of service and manufacturing sectors to SMEs, playing an important role in the national economy in terms of manufacturing and exports, and created a difference by providing quicker and local services thanks to its branches widespread all over the country.

In 2013, İş Leasing, continuing to be a reliable business partner of investors with a widespread service approach all over Turkey, provided the firms, operating in various different segments, sensitive towards changes, with a high need of effective use of sources, with financial leasing services fit to the composition of its customers, thereby contributing to the growth of such firms. As a result of its service approach focused on maximizing the customer satisfaction and loyalty, İş Leasing continued to expand its customer base.


A widespread portfolio and balanced growth.

İş Leasing has adopted a widespread portfolio creation strategy, and the important factors underlying its success are segmental diversification, and effective portfolio and risk management. Targeting segmental diversification and widespread geographical distribution with its organization extending all over Turkey, İş Leasing effectively manages its portfolio risk distribution. İş Leasing, regularly including new enterprises into its portfolio, continued to create a difference with its portfolio quality in 2013.

İş Leasing's portfolio is composed of a wide segmental base covering both the customers of İş Bank and its current customers, and such factors as marketing source and secondhand worthiness are continuously monitored. Equipments covered by financial leasing are spread over a wide range, thereby increasing the product diversification.


Effective data flow and sharing through a continuously renewed integrated system.

Seeing the information technologies as a significant factor in maintenance of its service quality, communication speed and innovativeness, İş Leasing continued its technologic investments in 2013 as well.

In 2013, in the new head offices at Tower 1, wireless network components are implemented. In order to control the outflow of corporate sensitive data in electronic media, the installation of data loss prevention software is completed, and regular reports are started to be taken.

Initiatives are started for renewal of the design and contents of the corporate website so as to include a more up-to-date technology, and in addition, a web application enabling the customer representatives, suppliers and İş Bank branches to have web-based access to, and guide, our Company is taken into our business plan.

Through a software project plan covering the managerial reports and quick access dashboard, it is intended to make it possible for the management team to have instantaneous access to the information about sales, marketing and financial situation of our Company.

Thanks to automation of data flow through integration of a legal software purchased in 2013, it is planned to have quick access to current data about all pending lawsuits and legal actions and proceedings.

After-sales Services and Emergency Center are two important components of customer-oriented service approach of İş Leasing. Serving through a call center infrastructure and aiming to perpetuate the customer satisfaction, the After-sales Services Unit is an important service point for after-sales support demands of customers. The Emergency Center, modernized by most advanced technologies, is an assurance of provision of continuous 7/24 services to customers under all kinds of conditions.

İş Leasing website, with its dynamic infrastructure, assures realization of all transactions, including on-line applications, via internet.


Goal is to develop and strengthen together through an effective management of human resources.

Basic purposes of the human resources applications are to work only with people with a high business volunteerism, fit to the corporate culture, for achievement of targets all together, and to guide and direct "human resources" considered as the most valuable assets as effectively as possible, and to create professional development opportunities, and to assure development and strengthening of business partners of our Company.

The human resources and training programs conducted in İş Leasing aim to increase the efficiency, and to consolidate a dynamic, development-focused corporate culture, thereby developing the competences of employees, and as a result, to improve the total performance of our Company with dynamic employees with a high sense of responsibility. To this end, as a part of training activities of 2013, long-term training programs are organized and such activities are planned so as to be supported and maintained with technical training courses, in order to adapt the new staff members recruited in various different divisions of our Company to the corporate culture and values as quickly and accurately as possible.

In İş Leasing, the subjects of training are determined by considering the needs of employees, and all staff members are supported for participation in local and foreign training courses.