With its continuously expanding service network, strong portfolio and stabilized growth, İş Leasing is among the most reliable and respectful companies of its sector.

With its customer portfolio and top quality service approach throughout Turkey, İş Leasing has shown a stabilized growth since its foundation and has become one of the most powerful and reliable companies of its sector.

Laying the foundation of its strong corporate structure in 1988, İş Leasing has been founded as a partnership of International Finance Corporation (IFC), Societe Generale and İş Bank. After acquiring all shares of its foreign partners in 1995, Turkiye İş Bank has speeded up and expanded the operations of the Company. Thanks to branches of İş Bank spreading all over Turkey, İş Leasing has in a short time become one of the leading companies of the developing sector. After its initial public offering in March 2000, the shareholding structure of İş Leasing has been shaped as today..

With its strong shareholding structure covering leader corporations, İş Leasing is a base for reliable and trustworthy investments.