Investor Relations

Profit Distribution Policy

Principles as to profit distribution of our Company are set down in Article 26 of the Articles of Association.

Distribution of profit in our Company is decided by the General Assembly of Shareholders in line with proposals of the Board of Directors by considering the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Markets Law and other laws and regulations applicable on our Company.

As profit distribution policy, it is contemplated that at least 30% of the distributable profit will be distributed in the form of cash dividends and/or dematerialized shares, providing that there exists no setback in the global and national economic conditions, and the Company's financial standing and capital adequacy ratios are at the specified levels.

Cash dividend payments are effected by no later than the end of second month following the date of meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders where the profit distribution decision is taken. Profit share distribution in the form of bonus shares is effected upon receipt of legal permissions and licenses.

Our capital does not contain any share privileged in terms of profit shares.

No founder's jouissance shares are issued, and no profit share is paid to our Directors and employees.

The Company may distribute profit share advances to its shareholders within the frame of provisions of relevant article of the Capital Markets Law. The provisions of the relevant legislation are complied with in calculation and distribution of profit share advances.