Investor Relations

Company Information Policy

General Framework of the Disclosure Policy

Our company provides all relevant financial information as well as other explanations and disclosures in line with the provisions of Law no. 6361 on Financial Leasing, Factoring And Financing Companies regulations pursuant to this law, the Capital Market Board legislation, the Turkish Commercial Code and the regulations governing the Exchange İstanbul where our stocks are traded. Bearing in mind generally accepted accounting principles as well as corporate governance principles, we pursue a comprehensive policy to provide information to the public at large.

The underlying goal of the disclosure policy is to ensure that shareholders, investors, employees, clients, creditors and other interested parties are provided access to the necessary information and explanations – with the exception of those related to trade secrets –in a timely, accurate, complete and comprehensive fashion, under equal conditions and as easily and inexpensively as possible.

Our company has actively adopted corporate governance principles, and in the context of informing the public, it exerts utmost effort to implement the requirements of the applicable legislation and international best practices. The İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. Disclosure Policy, which has been prepared with this aim in mind, has been put into effect upon approval by the Board of Directors. Modifications to the Disclosure Policy are disclosed to the public after approval by the Board of Directors. A current version of our Disclosure Policy is provided at our website.

Authorization and Responsibility

The Board of Directors is responsible for the supervision, monitoring and development of company’s information policy. A Corporate Governance Committee consisting of three board members has been formed to monitor our company’s compliance with corporate governance principles and provide suggestions to the Board while the Investor Relations Unit has been mandated to coordinate the information function.

The Investor Relations Unit

Our company has formed an Investor Relations Unit with the aim of establishing relations with our shareholders in a regulated fashion and efficiently responding to investor requests. The operations of the unit are been regularly reported to the Board of Directors and the Corporate Governance Committee.

Means and Methods in Disclosing Information to the Public

The methods and means used in informing the public within the framework of the Financial Leasing Legislation, the Capital Market Legislation, the Turkish Commercial Code and other concerned legislations are described below:

Financial statements are prepared quarterly on a consolidated basis in accordance with International Accounting Standards and Turkey Accounting Standards as required by the Capital Market Board (CMB) including related footnotes and explanations as well as the independent audit report. These are sent to the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) within legal time limits and are published on our company’s website. Financial statements are also translated into English and published on the website. 

Financial statements prepared according to International Accounting Standards are also sent quarterly to the Financial Leasing Association (FIDER).  

Unconsolidated financial statements prepared according to International Accounting Standards and related information are also sent quarterly to Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), which are published as aggregated (Total Industry) on the BRSA website.  

Information on special circumstances required in the Capital Market Board (CMB) legislation is sent to the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) within the required time limits. As a company policy, the disclosures of special circumstances are signed by the Assistant General Manager responsible from finance and the Accounting Manager; however should these be not in the office, they are being signed by responsibles to be determined by the General Manager and submitted to the PDP. Disclosures of special circumstances are submitted to electronically reported under PDP system. Within 1 business day after the information is disclosed to the public, disclosures of special circumstances are published on our website and are accessible for further 5 years.  

Appropriate announcements are sent to the Commercial Registry Gazette and to daily newspapers in the event of changes to the articles of association, of meetings of the General Assembly, or capital increases.

&nsbp; Our regular general assembly meetings are held within legal time frames every year and all activities performed to ensure the participation of shareholders to the general assembly are documented. The information regarding general assembly meetings is provided under our website, to facilitate direct access of all shareholders. Starting from the date of invitation for general assembly, the annual report, financial statements and notes, profit distribution proposal, information memorandum prepared on relevant items of agenda of the general assembly, other relevant documents regarding agenda items, current articles of association, proposal on amendments of articles of association with explanation are provided for the scrutiny of our shareholders at our headquarters.  

Quarterly Operations Reports are prepared in accordance with Capital Market Board (CMB) legislation and corporate governance principles and upon approval of Board of Directors, submitted to PDP and published at our website. Company Annual Report, prepared every year prior to the General Assembly in both Turkish and English in a manner to include any relevant information and explanations is made available to shareholders and published on our website at

It is not planned to hold regular discussions and meetings with the press. When it appears necessary or in order to respond to requests from members of the press, certain announcements are made in the written and visual media. Announcements to written and visual media and data distribution institutions may be made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Manager or his deputy and other persons designated by those authorities. 

In the Communiqué on Material Events Subject to Disclosure, the future-oriented assessments are defined as “assessments which contain future plans and predictions considered as insider information, or which give an idea to investors about the issuer’s future activities, and financial situation and performance”. Where the future-oriented assessments are intended to be made public through press and media or other means of communication, the same information is further announced through PDP (Public Disclosure Platform) concurrently. In the case of a material change in the future-oriented assessments already made public, the public is separately informed thereabout. Future-oriented prospects are made public with a prior written approval of the General Manager or the Deputy General Manager authorized by the Board of Directors of our Company. 

All meeting requests from shareholders are positively responded to and meetings are organized within the shortest possible time frame. From time to time teleconferences are organized by the Investor Relations Unit to provide information to shareholders and stakeholders. Such information is posted in Turkish and English on our website to timely provide them to all market participants under equal conditions.

In order to convey the company’s sectoral performance, financial results, vision, strategies and targets to shareholders in a most efficient manner, the Investor Relations Unit accepts meeting requests from shareholders, investment houses, analysts and investors, actively arranges meetings and road-shows with interested parties and visits investors both in Turkey and abroad. Furthermore, to achieve effective publicity of our Company, The Investor Relations Unit prepares presentations and reports which are posted in Turkish and English on our website to timely provide them to all market participants under equal conditions.

Upon request of our shareholders, creditors, rating agencies and organizations doing research on our company, financial statements and related information are sent by the Investor Relations Unit via e-mail. Within the framework of corporate governance principles, in the section “Special to the Investor” which is posted both in Turkish and in English on our website, detailed information and data are given on our company. Every question from shareholders and other parties is answered by way of e-mails, letters, or telephone and similar means through the coordination of the Investor Relations Unit.

Other Disclosures

Disclosures other than those mentioned above are made available to the public in line with the authorizations specified in the list of authorized signatories.

Corporate Website of İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş.

Our Company’s website is used actively and frequently to inform the public. Prepared in both Turkish and English, the website contains the information and data determined by the regulatory authorities and required by the principles of corporate governance. The site contains announcements on upcoming General Assembly meetings, agenda items and related information, documents and reports and procedures for participating in the General Assembly meeting. In addition, the company’s disclosure policy and ethical standards are also featured on the website. The web site is monitored and kept up to date by the Investor Relations Unit.

Monitoring News and Rumors About the Company

In order to follow-up the news and rumors about our company appearing on press-publication organs or web sites, the services of a company specialized in media monitoring services are being utilized. All news appearing about our company is sent by the service provider to our company on a daily basis.

In the event that news or rumors appear on written and visual media which are of significance to affect stakeholders investment decisions or the value of capital market instruments, are not originated by representative authorized persons of the Company, have a different content than the information previously made public through disclosure documents; an immediate disclosure is made to the public as to the validity and completeness of such information. In the event the information necessitates declaration of special circumstances, then the disclosure is made in the form of disclosure of special circumstances. 

Deferring Disclosure of Internal Information

Bearing the responsibility, our company may defer the disclosure of internal information in order to prevent damage to its legal rights and interests. No disclosure is made to the public regarding the internal information during the deferment period. Our company is responsible to take all kinds of measures to prevent the deferral from forming a risk of deceiving the public and the information is kept confidential during the deferment period.

Measures to ensure the confidentiality of information are subject to Board of Directors approval. By the time the reasons for deferral are eliminated, an announcement is made to public and immediately to PDP; containing the internal information, the decision to defer and the reasons for deferral.

Criteria in Determining Persons with Administrative Responsibility

When determining the persons who have administrative responsibility, the duties of such individuals within the company and the content of information accessed by such persons are taken as criteria. Accordingly, managers and other employees having information on only a part of the operations of the company and who have limited access to information about all activities are not evaluated in the context of the persons having access to inside information.

In this context, Board Members and Auditors, the General Manager and Assistant General Manager as well as the unit managers and some company employees with access to complete information about the company such as asset-liability structure, profit and loss, cash flows, strategic objectives, etc. and authority to administrative decisions that may affect the company at a macro-level are identified as persons with administrative responsibility.

The Announcements of the Statements Regarding the Company’s Indirect or Direct Legal and Commercial Relations due to Capital, Management and Audit with real and legal persons

The Company’s statements regarding its indirect or direct legal and commercial relations due to capital, management and audit with real and legal persons, are done within the framework of the CMB’s regulations.

Confidentiality of Information to be Disclosed to the Public

All information of the Company, encountered during the period of service which are in the nature of trade secret, and are not desired to be known by persons other than those authorized by the Company, shall be considered as "Company Information". All employees are obligated to protect company information during and after the termination of their service.

Company Ethical Rules, outlining the rules of professional ethics and the sanctions to be applied by the company in case of discordance, in accordance with existing laws and regulations, are published and announced to all staff. Necessary measures are taken to prevent the usage of insider information.

The list of persons with access to internal information is kept up-to-date within the company. Persons having access are required to keep such information confidential until it is announced to the public by a declaration of special circumstances. In order to ensure confidentiality until the declaration of special circumstances, company employees with access to internal information are informed about their responsibilities arising from relevant legislation. Independent auditors, consultants or other persons and institutions rendering services and having temporary access to internal information are contractually covered with a confidentiality clause.