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Hasan K. BOLAT
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Hasan K. BOLAT

General Manager
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2014 was a successful year for İş Leasing as sustainable and stable growth and profitability was achieved.

Değerli Paydaşlarımız,

Financial leasing sector as a whole had a volatile year in 2014 as the economic growth was limited and the delicate structure of the country’s economy and its susceptibility against external shocks continued, while İş Leasing was highly successful in 2014 by registering a significant increase in transaction volume, market share and profitability compared with the previous year.

Transaction volume of İş Leasing which closed 2014, which was characterized by difficult market conditions, with an outstanding performance became by 49% compared with the previous year to USD 728 million. The Company’s market share stood at 9.53% as of 2014, while its net profit of the year increased by 98% compared with the previous year to TL 78.5 million, and return on equity was 12.4%.

İş Leasing has shown a strong performance in 2014 with successful balance sheet management, sound asset quality, efficient risk management and strong capital structure, and the Company’s net leasing receivables increased by 27% as of the end of 2014 compared with the previous year to TL 2.8 billion, and total assets by 31% to TL 4.5 billion.

In 2014, İş Leasing increased the number of its branches to 16 after opening Şişli, Gebze, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Kayseri and Ostim Ankara branches, whereby it continued its contribution to the growth and employment by offering financing possibilities to its customers from any size and sector with its widespread network. The number of its customers increased by 23% and number of transactions by 16% as the company continued growing with a focus on embracing broader segments of the economy.

İş Leasing achieved sustainable development of its transaction volume with innovative solution approach, widespread service network and customer-oriented services, proliferation of the fund sources it has created in conformance with its needs, and its provision of funds for projects in appropriate terms. The funds provided to the investors with sell-lease-back transactions in particular helped them to reinforce their financial structures, while the Company continued providing medium and long term financing to the SMEs and the growing enterprises for their investments. The weight of the Company in the area of heavy and construction equipment and production machinery and equipment continued on an increasing basis, improvement continued on the area of energy investments, with the food, textile, health, machinery-chemistry, manufacturing, tourism and construction sectors standing out as the shining sectors.

In 2014, concentration was given to the human resources investments, the existing team was supported with young and dynamic members, and investments were continued in order to reinforce the backbone of the Company that will carry the increased business volume on areas of infrastructure and technology.

We would like to offer our gratitude and respects to all our business partners, employees and investors including our Board of Directors who have contributed in the success of our Company.

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