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A large customer base, innovative solution and extensive service.

As a firm follower of the rapid developments stemming from the technological developments, İş Leasing strengthened its position in the market, increased its transaction volume and profitability owing to the solutions it provided and the business models it developed by conforming to the customers’ expectations in the fastest way.

İş Leasing, which targeted a growth driven by a customer portfolio, spread to the broader segments of the society, innovative solution approach, widespread service network and customer-oriented services, focused on developing the process infrastructures, promoting the capacity and productivity, and ensuring the customer satisfaction in 2014.

In 2014, İş Leasing extended its branch network throughout Turkey and raised the number of its branches to 16 by launching its Şişli, Gebze, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Kayseri and Ostim Ankara Branches.

Under the successful cooperation works it established with the Organized Industrial Zones, İş Leasing introduced sell-lease-back solution to the companies in these zones and obtained successful results out of its specific solutions with SMEs and its sell-lease-back applications.

İş Leasing managed to make a world of diffarance for the customers by offering tailored financial leasing service to the customers having operation in diverse segments which are sensitive to change and are in need of efficient use of their resources. With its performance which is well above the sector-average owing to its approach eying to create added value, İş Leasing managed to further extend its customer base as a result of its service understanding that focuses on maximizing the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Portfolio management based on well risk-distribution.

İş Leasing, which continues its operations in line with efficient risk management approach and its strategy to create quality portfolio which is spread to the broader segments of the society, managed to embrace a widespread geographical distribution and sectoral diversity in its portfolio also thanks to its nationwide sales network and its efficient and professional services.

İş Leasing, which manages its portfolio risk distribution efficiently, continued making a difference with the quality of its portfolio in 2014. The customer’s portfolio wherein the number of its customers rose by 23% and the number of transactions by 16% is consisted of a wide range of companies including the customers of İş Bank as well as other ongoing businesses. İş Leasing steadily includes new enterprises to its portfolio, while the leased equipment is also spread to a wide range ensuring good product diversity.

İş Faktoring A.Ş. established in 1993, offers factoring services to its customers, through finance, guarantee and cash collection in domestic and international markets. Our Company, which is member of Factors Chain International (FCI), offers international factoring transactions of its customers with its widespread correspondent network. İş Faktoring A.Ş., being one of the first factoring companies in Turkey, is the one of the key players of sector with its experience and professional human resources. By its TL 5,746 million transaction, TL 1,455 million assets and TL 1,433 million factoring receivables, our Company has reached TL 7,954 million net profit. The company has opened three branch in 2014 for increase the sales efficiency and its presence in Sme financing. The long-term foreign currency credit rating and national credit rating of İş Faktoring was determined as BBB, the outlook was determined stabled by Fitch Ratings at 6 June 2014.

Products and services with high standards through a fast monitoring of the technological developments, more efficient business processes.

An ardent follower of the swift changes in technology, İş Leasing targeted providing more benefit to its customers with value-creating innovative services. İş Leasing, which continued its investments in technology in 2014, started a series of projects that promote its service quality and make its business processes more effective.

The investment is completed for the Business Intelligence platform which will enhance the effectiveness of the company’s management and add momentum to the implementation of the new business strategies. This platform eyes instant reach to the data and analysis of any type, access to the forward-looking projections, and more effective use of the data in management decisions.

WEB Platform project which enables the onsite teams and customer representatives as well as the customers of the Company have access to and conduct transactions by using the information related with them over the internet has been commissioned in 2014, bringing enhanced productivity to the sale function in particular. The project will be continued throughout 2015 so as to ensure the other business partners including mainly the sales team and the consultants conduct transactions over the web platform.

After-Sale Services and Extraordinary Cases Management Center are the two main constituents of İş Leasing’s customer oriented service approach. After-Sale Services Unit, which works with a call center infrastructure and targets to perpetuate the customer satisfaction, is an important service point for the post-sale support requests of the customers. Extraordinary Cases Management Center, which is adorned and updated in accordance with the latest technologies, provides guarantee of offering customers 7/24 uninterrupted services under all conditions.

İş Leasing continues investing constantly in its employees and it is growing and getting stronger with its qualified and experienced human resources.

İş Leasing targets guiding its “human resources”, which it deems as its most valuable resource, in the most effective way and creating professional development possibilities for them by using the best human resources management tools. The main purpose is to develop and implement difference-making human resources strategies that will ensure the growth of and strengthening of the employees along with the Company.

In line with the targets of growing the market share, increasing synergy with İş Bank, and ensuring access to more widespread customer base, the number of the Company’s branches was increased and the Company’s staff was reinforced with the participation of dynamic and young employees to support the increasing business volume in 2014. The number of the staff which stood at 123 in 2013 was increased to 142 as of the end of 2014 with the inclusion of the new staff. Despite this increase in the number of employees, the size of the portfolio per employee and profitability per employee increased in the same period.

Branch staging procedures have been implemented for the effective management of the human resources in the branches that become prevalent, and premium system and position structure have been scrutinized and made more effective for the purpose of accurate and timely rewarding the success of the staff. The Sales and Marketing functions which had been conducted together previously were reviewed due to the changing needs and the two functions were separated in 2014.

Under the training activities, long-running training programs have been organized to help the adaptation of the new staff who are employed in different departments to the Company’s culture and values in the fastest possible way and increase their technical knowledge, and these efforts are planned to be continued in 2015.