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Article 1- These principles outline the professional moral standards to be observed by İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. (‘the Company’) and its employees within the framework of existing laws and regulations in carrying out their activities. The said principles also constitute the basis for sanctions to be applied by the Company in cases of their violation.


Article 2- All of the Company’s employees (‘the Employees’) must conform to these principles.

General Principles

Article 3- During operations, all of the Company’s employees shall carry out their duties in line with the general principles outlined below in order to ensure confidence and stability in the financial leasing sector and so as to avoid operations and applications capable of harming the economy.

  • Full compliance with Law no. 3226 on Financial Leasing, its statement of reasons and other regulations stemming from this law.
  • Honesty in relations with clients, vendor companies, creditor organizations and their employees and shareholders, group companies and other organizations and institutions with which our Company has relations with respect to financial leasing.
  • Provide open, construable and accurate information to all parties in providing services; inform the parties of their rights and responsibilities in a complete and accurate manner.
  • Place emphasis on activities which, besides profit-making, take into account the need for economic development.
  • Avoid unfair competition in order to ensure the financial leasing sector’s continued reliability and to safeguard the sector’s shared interests.
  • During all activities, place importance on observing social interests and protection of the environment; and ensure that necessary measures are taken adequately and timely.
  • Fulfill the requirements of combat against money laundering in a complete and timely manner; cooperate with the relevant authorities within the framework of provisions of relevant national and international legislation.

Forbidden Practices

Article 4- The employees must comply with the points outlined below in carrying out their activities:

  • Avoid engaging in activities contrary to the interests and benefits of the sector.
  • Even if the advantages accorded to the sector agree with the laws, they shall not be used, during the course of activities, to provide advantages to clients in a way contrary to the spirit of the statement of reasons of the Law on Financial Leasing and to the matters stated in these principles.
  • Avoid engaging in behavior which could pave the way to unfair competition in the sector.
  • Avoid engaging in any behavior or activities that are against the rules set by the Company’s authorities, which are binding for all the employees and managers.

Obligation to Safeguard Confidentiality

Article 5- All employees shall respect the confidentiality of information provided by our clients and those stemming within the Company, and they shall not disclose information obtained from clients to other clients and third parties with a view to obtaining benefits.

Harmony in the Workplace

Article 6- It is mandatory that all employees behave among themselves and towards our clients in a manner fitting to the stature of the Company. No employee is allowed to engage in any utterance, writing, announcement, advertisement, or insinuation that could be prejudicial to other companies or their managers operating in the same sector.


Article 7- The Company has its accounts audited annually by an independent auditing firm in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards.


Article 8- These regulations shall go into effect on 09.02.2006.