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Increase in the Share Capital

The paid-in capital of the Company has been increased from 424.365 thousand TL to 461.503 thousand TL, with a portion of 37.138 thousand TL funded by 2012 profit shares allocated in the form of share certificates in line with the 2013 yearly profit distribution proposal approved by shareholders in the Annual General Assembly held on 26 March 2014, and distribution of the bonus shares have been completed on 03 July 2014, the capital increase processes have been completed on 04 July 2014.

Annual General Assembly Held Within the Period

The Company’s 2013 Annual General Assembly has been held at the address of İş Kuleleri, Kule 3, Kat 25, 34330 4. Levent / ISTANBUL on 26 March 2014.
Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of 2013 was held with the presence of the shareholders representing 600,000,000 Group A and 24,225,259,287 Group B shares from 42,436,500,000 shares corresponding to the Company’s total equity of TL 424,365,000.

In the meeting, the motions filed by the shareholders with respect to the agenda topics have been approved in unanimity.

Profit Distribution

According to the Profit Distribution Table submitted by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders within the framework of the Decision No. 2117 and dated 27.02.2014 of the Company’s Board of Directors, it has been resolved that the shareholders be distributed as first dividend in the form of bonus share the whole of the sum TL 37.138 million, which is calculated based on the Company’s distributable net profit of the year of TL 37.156 million as found by deducting the statutory primary reserve of TL 2.451 million, which is calculated based on the profit figure of TL 49.019 million included in the statutory records of the Company, from, and adding the donation of TL 18 million made during the year to the Company’s net profit of the year of TL 39.589 million, which is taken as the basis of the profit distribution in accordance with the Capital Markets Laws and Regulations; a cash dividend of TL 15 million be distributed as cash dividend from the Company’s extraordinary reserves; the deferred tax expenses of TL 7.020 milliion as included to the Company’s consolidated net profit of the year be transferred to the extraordinary reserves account after being deducted from the deferred tax reserves which is consisted of the Company’s undistributed tax revenues in the previous periods; the distribution of the shares to be deposited as profit share be started after the approval of the issue certificates for the referred shares by the Capital Markets Board; and the cash dividend distribution be completed until 31.03.2014. Distribution of the cash dividends has been completed on 01.04.2014, and distribution of the bonus shares has been completed on 03.07.2014.

Changes in Articles of Association

Article 6 headed the Equity and Type of Shares of the Company’s Articles of Association has been amended and the amended Articles of Association of the Company has been registered on 04 July 2014 in the process of the increase of the Company’s capital to TL 461,503,000 from TL 424,365,000.