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Long-term loan agreement with IFC
İş Leasing has signed a long-term loan agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC) in the amount of USD 40 million to be used in financing energy efficiency and renewable energy.
50 million TRY by Private Placement Method
İş Leasing has issued bonds in the amount of 50 million TRY by private placement method.
Capital of İş Leasing reaches 424.365.000 – TRY

Shares with nominal value of 35.365.000 TRY to be issued for increasing the capital of İş Leasing from 389.000.000 TRY to 424.365.000 TRY is registered to the board by Capital Markets Board with 07.06.2013 date and 20/655 number.

Making Rent, Expense and Insurance Premium Payments is so easy!

Dear Customer,

You may make your rent, insurance and expense payments subject to the Leasing Agreement signed with our Company by preferring one of the following payment channels developed to provide you a better service:

Automatic Payment Order

You can make your payments by giving an automatic payment order to T. İş Bankası Branch that your account is registered at. Please fill out the attached automatic payment order form as soon as possible and forward it to the branch that your account is registered at.

for sampleClick here.

Note: We kindly remind you that the automatic payment order will cover the rent, expense and insurance premium payments starting from the date the order is given; rent, expense and insurance premium payments dated before such order must be made separately; in the event that you have a valid automatic payment order, your debts will be collected automatically from the account that such order is given for on relevant dates and in relevant amounts; moreover, in the event that you have a valid credit card payment order, you need to cancel the credit card order to avoid double payment.

Automatic Teller Collection System in T. İş Bankası A.Ş. Branches

Visit the nearest T. İş Bankası A.Ş. branch and make the payment free-of-charge by submitting rent plan number or İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. customer number (your customer number can be found on your invoice).

T. İş Bankası A.Ş. Online Banking

If you prefer to make your payments online, please visit www.isbank.com.tr online banking branch “bill payments” page.

Best regards,


İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. Account Numbers

İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. Account Numbers
T.İş Bankası Corporate Branch; Branch Code: 1111

For TRY Accounts:
Account Number: 5547
IBAN: TR320006400000111110005547

For USD Accounts:
Account Number: 935
IBAN: TR670006400000211110000935

For EUR Accounts:
Account Number: 899
IBAN: TR690006400000211110000899

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